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Telemarketing, Lead Gathering, Mini Vac Tracking

Telemarketing is real a misnomer. This modules really does:

  • Lead Gathering, bulk upload
  • Lead and Guest Name Record Management, CRM
  • Outbound Calls, manual dial, vicidialer, Nobel Dialer, OSdial
  • Manual Outbound Calls
  • Non Owner Referrals
  • MiniVac management, multi-leg itinerary

Collect leads from your web site and inbound agents. Import lead list databases or use keyboard entry. Contact leads using your diallers, our dialers or manually dial numbers. E-mail campaigns, direct mail. Agents can set callbacks, DNC, book tours and sell mini-vacs with fulfilment tracking in realtime. E-mail or print confirmation letters. A vast range of reports, customizable
to your exact needs. Print vouchers at welcome center.

Experts in dialers from Vicidial, OSdial, Noble Dialers



    • Lead tracking by Lead Source, Box, Lead Procurement Person.
    • Lead inventory report, automated outbound lead generation, call lists or cards, callback sheets.
    • Book vacations an unlimited number of days out.
    • Track Mini-Vacs, Certificate Sales, Straight-Ins, Hook/Non-Hook, and book or sell multi-legged vacations (even Cruises).
    • Fulfillment tracking, track hotel costs and billings.
    • Print vouchers for welcome centers.
    • Maintain welcome centers, now show lists, vacation arrival lists.
    • Fully integrated with Tour Bookings, Sales and Contracts.
    • Maintain contact history that stays with the client through Tours, Sales and Reservations.
    • Confirmation Letters Automatically E-mailed to Guests.


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