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Timeshare Workflow Process Application

Timeshare software Modules

Tours Sales Sales and Tour receivables Maintenance Reservations Booking Telemarketing

Timeshare Software, from Magna, is a workflow process application services software (workflow process software and business process management) this means that all the modules are interconnected, streamlining your resort operations and activities. Focused on timeshare sales, vacation club sales, mixed sales offices and the tasks associated, MAGNA Timeshare Software management creates a guideline for your staff and information to flow through the sales process. Realtime Key Performing Indicator reports help make sure you stay on track. Magna Timeshare Software will enhance your executives, project directors, sales managers, OPC, telemarketers, contract and tour desk staff and vacation reservation jobs, making them simpler, faster and easier to do—and increased speed means higher profits and MUCH less stress.

Telemarketing / Leads CRM Management:

Collect leads from your web site and inbound agents.
Import lead list databases or use keyboard entry.
Contact leads using your dialers, our dialers or manually dial numbers.
E-mail campaigns, direct mail. Agents can set call backs, DNC, book tours and sell
mini-vacs with fulfilment tracking in realtime. Customized reports available.

E-mail or print confirmation letters.
A vast range of reports, customizable to your exact needs.
Print vouchers at welcome centers.

Tour Presentation Bookings

Tour Presentation Booking:

OPC’s can book tours by calling the control room or directly on-screen by themselves. Prints or e-mails confirmation letters. Tracks solicitation performance. Reports sales by solicitor, including closing percentage and volume per guest. Prints or displays tour pipeline reporting by office or market source. Vendors can upload their tours via the web. Customized reports available.
Numerous tour arrival lists.

Tour Presentation Registration

Tour Presentation Registration:

Fast registration of tours that integrates directly with tour, OPC and vendor payroll therefore speeding up the sales process. Realtime web screens that show time on tour, who is on
tour and who has purchased. Prevents double-booking of tours. Dozens of possible demographic reports, fully customizable. National Zip Code subscription will automatically enter the State and area code. Easy-to use online tour registration that cuts costs and allows you to control your tour vendors or your own telemarketing bookings or OPC’s. Customized reports available.

Sales and Contract Printing :

One simple screen prints professional quality laser printed consumer sales documents processed on the server and delivered directly to your printer as a result it is REALLY FAST. Smart documents figure out which documents and which verbiage to use reducing errors because
staff do not need to know the product. Sales product can be a mix of exit program, timeshare deeded real estate, whole ownership or fractional inventory producing many choices for the sales staff. Software reporting and analytics include all four methods of tracking timeshare sales— furthermore a feature unique to MAGNA. The Total Salesperson’s Report, Sales Generation Reports shows you which salespeople and sources to keep or fire and sack. Web real-time Sales Line Reports keep you up to date all the time thereby keeping you ahead of the competition. Customized reports available.

Sales & Tours Commissions:

Amazing functionality that will produce payroll at the touch of a button. After posting to journals,add arbitrary transactions for bonuses or charge backs. Detailed commissions statements with a list of pending contracts that will convince your sales team you are not ripping them off.

Funding & Receivables:

This module PAYS you as a developer —NO other management software includes both Funding and Receivables features. Track and produce closings, fundings, courthouse paperwork and more creating more order for your staff. It is used by many resorts and accepted by all lenders. Service your own portfolio and gain back control of your owners. Even if you don’t service your own paper, lease deals and buybacks will end up on your plate and you need to cover yourself for this eventuality.
Does ACH/Direct Debit transactions through your bank or produces monthly invoices. Customized reports available.

Maintenance Fees & Taxes, Yearly Dues Billing:

MAGNA users who convert from other vacation and owner management software regularly discover money from missed billings. MAGNA flawlessly bills annual, biennial and points inventory types in one pass causing lower costs. It does monthly progress billings for new sales coming into the resort property reducing time spent. It produces professional invoices customized to your requirements. Timeshare reports produced with yearly aging (not 30, 60 90 like other bookkeeping systems). Reporting by project and phase for Daily Deposits, Journal Entry Summaries, etc.

Reservations, Property Management :

This vacation property services module is now in development. It will integrate with both Mortgage Receivables and Maintenance Fee modules so you can see the current status of each at a glance. Provides Check-Out Reports for Housekeeping and Trouble Reports (requested repairs). Quick folio look-up and printing. Reservations, availability and status controls. Rental Reports automatically allocate monies received for Owner’s rental units with Developer fee deductions. Special interfaces available for phone system integration, GDS, etc. Customized reports available.

Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.