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ANNOUNCING! MagnOogle wiki engine

Built with WikiMedia, the same wiki engine that drives WikiPedia. MagnOogle is the New Timeshare Dictionary and Magna Computer Corp. support for all phases of timeshare operations and the software that runs timeshare resorts worldwide. Nothing compares to Magna Computer software, and MAGNA.ware. Look for the definition of NQ, create a discussion, or find out the reasoning behind one of MAGNA's pre-made reports. is the link.

Customer Support

Magna Computer Corp. offers maintenance and support, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Once you hire MANGA, we can supplement your in-house computer department. When questions arise, your staff interacts directly with MAGNA specialists — in person, online, or by phone. No matter what the questions or issues are, we're at your side to help. We'll trouble shoot problems promptly and walk you through simple computer operations until you're satisfied and comfortable with the situation. Refer to the Contact Us page, select the support option when you call.

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Magna software can be used for more than just the traditional timeshare resort. Magna has been used in vacation clubs, fractional ownership properties,tour generators, owner's associations, private residence clubs, camp grounds and many other organizations. Even though it is highly unlikely that you will need to customize Magna software, you can be rest assured that it is possible. We can customize parts of the software to better fit your specific operations, based on need.

Data Conversation

Your existing data is very important. Converting or transferring your current data to Magna software is safe and easy.

Interfacing and Integrating

Magna can easily integrate with nearly any other software package. Our software specialist will have no problem linking our software with your other software systems or vendors; like credit card payment systems, hotel PMS systems, PBX systems or credit score companies.

  • Export data can be customized for your needs
  • Import data if needed
  • Automate the exchange of data amoung different system

    Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.

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