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We suggest for our clients a phased training program often you will find yourself with new questions during and after your first reporting period. While MAGNA is easy to use it is still a highly sophisticated and complete software system that requires some introduction to be utilized to its maximum.

The importance of training should never be underestimated.

During the Initial Training a MAGNA specialist will train and help with data entry, give on-site support, help in research of discrepancies throughout or after data enry, as well as consult to help work flow issues in connection with The specialist will also train your staff in using the pre-written reports provided by and optimize the use of the provided reports.

Additional Training should be requested for the following:

  • Training of New Staff
  • Training of Yearly Updates of the Software
  • Training of New Procedures or Reports
  • Training after the Project is Approved by the State or Local Authorities
  • Training for Optimum Use of the Software for your Specific Needs
  • Training in Connection with Changes of Business Procedures
  • Training in Connection with a New Lender or Changing Lenders
  • Training/Consulting with New Marketing Procedures
  • Training/Consulting with Implementation and Design of Marketing Campaigns

Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.

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