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Sales Commissions

  • Commissions by line, person or resort.
  • Special commissions allowed per deal.
  • Many variations.
  • Unlimited Overrides
  • Pay podium, deeder, VLO
  • Chargebacks automatically posted.
  • Review commissions credited and paid per deal.
  • Reserves automatically taken out.
  • Half Check or Full Check Posting.

MAGNA Makes Sales Commissions EASY!


  • Once commission rates are set up, preparing commissions due is easy – enter data, post, print statements
  • Set a default commission rate for sales people based on % of down payment, or set a fixed rate per sale,
  • Label the type of employee who gets that rate; front, back, deeder, podium, exit, salary, or override
  • Set special commission rates for individual sales people or overrides for total volume of sale
  • Each rate is credited to an employee based on the type of employee they were listed on the contract as; front, back, deeder, podium, or exit person.
  • Commissions are not paid until the contract is verified and clear of any action notices such as additional payment due, canceled contracts, not out of rescission period
  • Automatically creates payment statements for each employee commission in a pay period
  • Charge backs are accounted for automatically to canceled deals
  • Reports such as the Pending Good Business Report and Bookable Deals Report help you keep track of what commissions are due before you post to employee accounts
  • Special bonuses, corrections or manual posting are easy to do

Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.

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