Timeshare Resort Training

You have been stuck with someone else’s software? Need Help? Call us!

Magna Computer Corp. specialists/consultants can help design, implement and configure the systems that work best for your specific timeshare operation. Upon installation, we offer in-depth, hands-on training of your staff. Our experienced trainers create a friendly learning environment and provide step-by-step instruction on all aspects of the new system. Training is available either on-site or at MAGNA’s own training facilities.

After the installation of the system MAGNA handles the everyday maintenance and support for its clients, since Timeshare resorts are entrepreneurial in nature, most do not have their own computer people or System Administrators. This facility is handled from MAGNA’s main office in Clearwater. Remote communication is acheived through modems that dial directly into client computer systems, by which MAGNA staff appears as another user on the system. Answers to questions and bug reporting are also handled by the MAGNA staff.

MAGNA also acts as a consultant to debug problems in the business in order to
carry out computer operations.

Jim has founded and managed Magna Computer Corp since 1985.